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Established in 1986, the dreamsQUAD was birthed from a curiosity around the impact of Pace across different sport disciplines. To draw out one's innate ability to perform; Anton Holder - aka the dreamcATCHER - imparts theories, shares sporting experiences and uses  firm dedicated coaching techniques.

The dreamcATCHER credits the training methods with being able to grant an able-bodied individual five metres more pace over a one hundred metre distance.  

“He considers Pace to be a supplementary tool which can undeniably aid one’s sport of choice.”


From inception in 1986, individuals from the ranks of athletics who have gone on to represent England in their field, league football players, netballers, ultimate frisbee players and trainee doctors have graced the ranks of the dreamsQUAD. Our current cohort includes young budding sports aspirants from football, gymnastics and boxing to basketball, volleyball and dance. The results are so consistent that people travel from far and wide to get a bit of the action.   


The dreamsQUAD is for everyone. If you or your child are looking to level up your fitness, boost performance in a current sport discipline, manage health issues such asthma or are even seeking a technology detox by engaging in an outdoor activity – this is for you!  


Breathe 2 Win







Principles Of The dreamsQUAD




dreamcATCHER - Head Coach 

Anton Holder


Sean Campbell

dreamcATCHERToo Supporting Coach

The deamcATCHERs coaching experience dates back to 1986.  He has an eye for detail and physical efficiency in sport plus a penchant for interchanging key techniques across multiple sports disciplines. Anton is on a self-assigned mission to support the dREAMS and unlock the sporting aspirations of the next generation. 

Sean is a former student of the dreamcATCHER and carries the title dreamcATCHERToo, for the purposes of his current role with the dreamsQUAD.  He is also a football coach and parent of three current students. Sean says: "fear not the technique which offers pace, as it is unlikely to hinder your efforts..."

A Golden Era....



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